Testimonial: Anne Moloney & Susie

susieIn April of this year I decided to bring our very nervous 2 year old Golden Retriever Susie to Agility classes on Saturday mornings with John. As she was so nervous it was almost impossible to walk her as she would not walk past other dogs or allow people near her. We had also been told by other trainers that she was uncontrollable. Shortly after starting the agility classes with John I also decided to bring her to obedience classes on Monday nights. With the patience and encouragement of John six months later Susie is a revelation. She now has no problem with other dogs or people, no pulling on her lead when walking, can walk off her lead, has perfect recall and is an absolute pleasure to own. As for the Agility classes on Saturday mornings they are great fun for both owners and dogs and is a great way of building a relationship with your dog and an added bonus is you get to meet some great people. John is an exceptional trainer he has endless patience and a great way with dogs. No matter what type of dog or how difficult they are they all respond to him. I would recommend to anyone who wants to have a well behaved and happy dog to come to John’s Obedience classes and try the Agility .The dog will love it and you might enjoy it too.

— Anne Moloney