Testimonial: Jeanette Gregg with Buster and Schui

“The arrival of my miniature schnauzer puppy Buster was a big event for us and our family, especially our grandkids, so when our vet recommended John Ward at Dublin Dog Training we followed up and booked puppy training classes.   Buster learned how to enjoy the company of other dogs […]

Testimonial: Mary & Shuba

I knew John Ward of Dublin Dog Training’s excellent reputation dealing with all kinds of dog behavioural problems so after contacting him we set off for our first training session. John took my Shepherd in hand and I watched amazed with the transformation within one hour. I did not expect […]

Testimonial: Sheila Smith

“John Ward helps me train two out of three of my dogs, Sally in agility and Lexie in obedience. The older one just chills and I think laughs her head off at the very idea of EARNING a treat or praise ,But when the treats come out she’s first in […]

Testimonial: Aoife Archbold

A few months ago I got a Jake Russel called Trixie from dogs aid, she was re-homed three times because of her barking. With the help of John barks less and is training to compete in competitions next year. John also helped my mam to train our other Jake Russell […]

Testimonial: Fidelma Ayres & Ellie

I took my 1yr old border collie Ellie, a rescue dog to John Ward in November 2008. She was quite antisocial and hard to control both on and off lead. We registered for beginner’s obedience classes and John worked with her every week, showing me how to help her overcome […]

Testimonial: Mick Byrne

Mick and Molly joined Dublin dog training approximately two years ago, during the last year Molly has proved to be very successful from February to the present day she has achieved grade five status and has two team interprovincial successes, she has been awarded the honour of the Duais Chomhair […]

Testimonial: Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary

John has been a friend to the world of animal rescue for many years and certainly is a good friend to Dogs Aid. Some of the dogs we get in at the sanctuary need extra work to make them suitable for a new home and often that involves group obedience […]

Testimonial: Eimer Lynch & Casey

My name is Casey. I live with my little brother, Ben, and our pack leader as she likes to call herself when pulling rank, Eimer. We have lots of fun, going to the park and the beach but the highlight of our week is going to agility training with John […]

Testimonial: Jo McLoughlin & Cosmo

When I first met john Ward in September 2007, my one and a half year old boxer dog Cosmo, had developed the habit of pulling me here, there and everywhere he wanted to go! At this point, Cosmo wore a choke chain which wasn’t working in terms of controlling him […]

Testimonial: Brid Brosnan & Polly

Polly was terrified of bigger Dogs, and also very unruly in the house when I got her, she had no training previously and although very small she was proving to be such a handful I was at a loss as to know what to do with her. A friend suggested […]

Testimonial: Ann Charleton & Duke

I started Obedience Dog Training in January with a rescued dog called” Duke” (lab/collie cross) who had no basic training and who was very timid and somewhat frightened of anything new. He was a year old. As the training classes progressed “Duke” became more and more confident and he enjoyed […]

Testimonial: Anne Moloney & Susie

In April of this year I decided to bring our very nervous 2 year old Golden Retriever Susie to Agility classes on Saturday mornings with John. As she was so nervous it was almost impossible to walk her as she would not walk past other dogs or allow people near […]